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** Blue Giza Pyramid
**Healing Giza Pyramid with extra semi-precious gemstones & powerful earth magnet £69.99
**Large 8-sided Power Pyramid £64.99
Small 7-sided clear
Power Pyramids
       £25.99 each
** 8-sided Healing
Power Pyramid with
amethysts & rare
earth magnet £69.99
**Tranquility Pyramid with rose quartz, amethysts and adventurines and earth magnet £69.99
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 Small Giza Pyramid with one quartz crystal 7x10cm plain clear: £25.99
Small Giza red coral chakra
pyramid energises
 the 1st and 2nd chakras and the root chakra
Small Giza green adventurine chakra pyramid to heal and comfort the heart chakra.
Small Chakra
Giza pyramid with rose quartz to calm the emotions and to restore harmony.
Order (4) CB's
** Please note: Large Pyramids may take
up to three weeks to make.
The Tranquility Pyramid

A scaled down version of the Great Pyramid at Giza, & composed of subtle energy- generating material, organic and inorganic layers, metal and resin, enhanced with energetic crystals of rose quartz, amethyst and green adventurine as well as rare earth magnets. It induces a calm, tranquil environment conducive to focussing and meditation.

Our best selling pyramid!
Small Giza amethyst chakra pyramid for the crown (wisdom) chakra.
For colours of Chakra Cones and Pyramids see Order (2)
** Clear Giza Pyramid