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Lifeforce™ Pendants
Our attractive pendants are designed to protect you from electromagnetic radiation, energise the body and to put life-force energy into the environment. As well as the standard orgone-enhancing components, each pendant and nrgizer contains quartz crystals. Our extra-strength pendants also contain amethyst, hematite, pyrite and garnet which give a more grounded feel to the energy. Please read the instruction leaflet before using.
   Eye of Horus
Protective Pendant
£24.99 each
Love & Prosperity pendants contain special ingredients

 love characters
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Product details:
          Hunab Ku
 Protective pendant
Energising pendant with larger copper coil™
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 Crop circle - Star
Protective Pendant
Energising Pendant
    Eye of Horus
Protective Pendant
Protective pendants: The Hunab Ku: is associated with the Mayan culture. It represents the ultimate creator of the universe and universal consciousness or man’s higher consciousness of his place in space and time. It is thus a very powerful symbol for the wearer.

 Eye of Horus: (also known as the wedjat eye) is used for healing & protection, especially from the 'evil eye'. Few Egyptian symbols enjoy as much popularity in modern symbolism as the Eye of Horus does today.

However, it was easily 4,000 years ago that this amulet symbol first became associated with such strongly positive powers. As Horus came to symbolize the forces of good and light, while his vanquished brother Seth came to represent the forces of evil and darkness, the wedjat eye also grew to stand for the constant struggle between the two.
Crop circle pendants: Each pattern is based upon the crop circles found near Avebury, in Wiltshire, UK, the oldest stone circle site in the world. Each symbol carries its own protective vibration.
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Energising pendants are designed to strengthen the aura of the wearer and envelop the body in a constant flow of healthy Life-energy or Chi.
All our products are designed to convert 'DOR' into pure life-force energy.
The symbol on each pendant acts as a
 focussing point for the energy within.
 Each symbol carries its own particular vibration.
Prosperity pendants: The symbol on the front of each pendant is an ancient Vedic yantra believed to bestow on the wearer everything the heart desires.
4 Crop circle pendants
    Energising Pendant
with figure of 8 copper coil
    Eye of Horus
Protective Pendant
Comes with matching cord
All pendants & Nrgizers contain amethyst, hematite, pyrite and garnets! Standard size: 2" (5cm) diameter x 3/8" (8mm) wide & with leather cord attached. Smaller 3.2 cm dia. pendants available by emailed request
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Prosperity Pendant
with prosperity yantra
 on face
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