'Cloud busters'
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"Thrilled with the pendant and Giza pyramid, all amazing! Thank you for your prompt and wondrous star, it is already loved. The snub cube is magnificent, it works on opening your heart chakra to channel."
YG, Brighton.

"I love the Giza pyramid, every home should have one!" Energy worker, Brighton.

" Now that the generators are in my garden I noticed we have frogspawn there."
D, Glastonbury.

"My wife has recently had an operation on her spine. She places the generator on her back for about 20 mins and the pain disappears."
Customer from Natural Health Show, Birmingham.

"The atmosphere in my flat feels much better now with the 7 sided Pyramid in my front room! And the plants are growing vigorously!" H.J, London
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Small Cloud Busters

These are more suitable for keeping indoors but can be kept outdoors if they are sheltered from the elements, e.g. in a porch or shed. Cloud Busters may take up to three weeks to make. Please note that we now only supply the small CB model and individual models may vary slightly from those illustrated. But each one will contain at least six copper pipes which may be extended using extension fitments. Full instruction leaflet is supplied with product.
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The Cloud Buster is a passive device, i.e. it does not need electricity or any major maintenance. Its energy is derived from the alchemy of the composite of ingredients which are used in its construction. It functions as a 'chem buster' with the aim of dissipating the chemical pollution in the upper atmosphere.

 It gets its name from the original device used by Wilhelm Reich in his researches into the field of orgone biophysics. The current Cloud Buster model is based on the experimental work of Don Croft who, in more recent years, has continued to develop and build on the original ideas of Dr. Reich.
Small 'Cloud Buster'
Small 'Cloud Buster'
Our Cloud Busters have an orgone base & contain quartz crystals, herbs & other minerals valued for their anti-radiation properties & ability to absorb toxins in airborne sprays. 6 or more copper pipes are embedded into the base & contain quartz crystals & rare earth magnets.
Please note: although made in good faith, no medical claims of any sort are made or inferred concerning the use of these devices. We regard our customers as fellow researchers in the field of 'orgone-energy' biophysics. No scientific evaluation of these devices has been made and are made available for personal research and investigation only. Individual results may vary.