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Q3. What is aura photography? What does it reveal about people and objects such as Lifeforce Generators™?

Aura photography is a way of representing the energy of the body, plants or other objects in visual form. The photographs can be used for dramatic before and after photos to illustrate the effectiveness of health treatments, or to monitor changes over time.
Q1 (a) Are Lifeforce Generators™ safe?

Absolutely. They are passive devices and require no additional power source. They are designed to heal and protect the owner and the environment and can be used for channelling positive energies, Feng Shui, crystal healing and other esoteric purposes, according to the combination of materials used to make them.
Hugo's aura picture, taken while he was tired and stressed after a busy working week in London.
Hugo's aura picture, taken after he had had a Ki massage and while he was holding a Lifeforce Generator™. The photographer was amazed: 'These things are fundamental and don't change that quickly,' she said.

(Photos taken at the London Healing Fair 2007)
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The 'before' and 'after' photographs opposite show the experience of Hugo, one of our customers, who had two aura photographs taken at a new-age festival. In the first picture, the red-brown colours are associated with negative energies, and in the second picture, the yellow-green-blue colours are associated with more calm, positive energies.
Negative energy
Positive energy
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  1. 4 What are the benefits of choosing a large pyramid?

Larger pyramids contain five or more crystals and are correspondingly designed to be more powefully effective over a wider area.

Many customers like to place a large pyramid (or two smaller ones) in the centre of the house; the hearth would be a particularly good placement according to Feng Shui. The colour of the pyramids makes no difference to the orgone matrix.

We also make products which, as well as providing 'orgone-enhancing' energy, provide other benefits according the esoteric properties of the extra ingredients added to the basic matrix.
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Q2 I'm new to 'orgone' so do you have any 'starter' cones or pyramids? Do they attract the same positive energy? And where should I place them?

Yes. All our orgone products are based on the same principles. The small, clear pyramids or cones are our basic 'starter' models and each contains at least one large crystal (or 2 or 3 small ones embedded in the orgone-enhancing matrix. Designed to be esoterically powerful, one small cone or pyramid placed near a computer, or near your bed would be sufficient to dissipate negative energy and attract positive Chi energy to the surrounding area.
Blue Giza Pyramid