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One of our distributors had a report from a lady who has been suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome who phoned up raving about her Lifeforce generator "It's made such a noticeable difference" she said. From: Regenerative Nutrition
(Nov 2010)

"I have tested the generator on one of my patients to see if it would counteract the effect of his mobile phone. The muscle test revealed that the generator, when present in the patient's auric field strengthened him." T.L Kiniesologist, Cornwall (2010)
"Thank you so much for everything you are doing." PC, Chepstow, Mon. Jan 2010
"I am VERY HAPPY due to the good output from my medallion". LM, Sweden, March 2010
"Just wanted to say a big thank you and to let you know that the pyramid arrived safely last week and we are very pleased with it - a lovely vibe.....and I will buy some more pieces from you." AC, Hants, UK August 2010
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"When I took out the Pendulum I was absolutly glowing. I wonder if it 's that. I had a headache and straight away it was clearing. The postman was beaming as he delivered them" M.C. Hants (2007)™
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 " I received my pendant this morning ... ... Thanks so much. I love the design. I bless you and wish your company prosperity and would definitely recommend you to my family and friends." (BL, Surrey, UK October 2011)
Re 7 sided power pyramid. " It's just gorgeous, really beautiful' C.M. Yorkshire (2008)
A warm thank you goes to both of you and to whoever else has been partaking in the making of these beautiful 3 pyramids that arrived safe and sound. I've already put them on display in my house ........ Hope that the Cloud Buster has the same or even better feeling than the pyramids. Very good work guys... THANK YOU! Light & Love (VE, Surrey, UK October 2011)
 My Ganesha arrived today. I am very happy with it! (MB, London, UK October 2012)
Thank you for your patience, attentiveness and prompt care! As you say, I am becoming a fellow experimenter and feel greatly honoured to have arrived on your doorstep……. (LM, Reunion Islands, February 2013)
Thank you for your 'orgone energy' Mystic Pendant (Black and White 6-pointed star). It's brilliant! It works at subtle levels but it does definitely work. I have found greater inspiration in my creative work as well as my healing sessions. Keep up the good work.(MF, Oxford, UK, March 2013)
"I could feel "I could feel extra energy coming, then realised it was the lifeforcegenerators" J.C. Sussex(2009)
Re: 7 sided power pyramid "The energy is tremendous, it nearly bowled me over. The air is different, it is cleaner, fresher, I live by a road with a lot of traffic" R.C. Carmarthenshire, (2009)
I love your products especially the 7-sided pyramids which have helped me with health issues related to electro-sensitivity. I wanted to say from the bottom of my heart thanks SO SO SO much for your products and all the work that you do. The 7-sided pyramids have literally saved my life! Many thanks. RM (Yorkshire) August 2015
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