Lifeforce™ INFORMATION (1): Dr Wilhelm Reich and orgone
Our Life Force Generators™ are based upon the work of the 1940's Austrian psychiatrist, Dr. Wilelm Reich who was a close colleague of Sigmund Freud. Reich believed that traumatic experiences blocked the natural flow of life-energy to the body leading to physical and mental disease.

During the 1930's Reich conducted extensive research into the biological and physical nature of this omnipotent, invisible life- energy which he called 'orgone'. He combined organic (i.e. hydrocarbon) and Inorganic substances in alternate layers in order to attract and capture this fundamental energy. This led on to the construction of what Reich called 'orgone accumulators' which were designed to concentrate atmospheric orgone.
Experiment to see the energetic effect of
placing a Lifeforce Generator™ over a bowl
of water placed in a refrigerator for 24
hours. (Orgone researcher, August 2008)
Fig. 1 Energetic Ice crystals
Fig. 1 ENERGETIC ICE CRYSTALS formed by placing a large Life Force Generator™ directly above a smal
bowl of water in the freezer for less than 24 hours. The energetic effect on the water is clear to see.
Fig. 2 A control bowl of water standing next to it (with no Generator) shows that no energetic crystals have formed.
Fig 2. No energetic ice crystals
Reich the pioneer:
" Rooting in work is crucial to any accomplishment. Rooting in mere enthusiasm will in the long run force illusory measures to keep the fires of empty enthusiasm going. And this makes politics and politicians" Wilhelm Reich (c 1930's)
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Reich was a true humanitarian who found he could produce amazing healing benefits using what he called his orgone accumulators and orgone therapy continues to be used to this day in some hospitals in Germany. However, during his lifetime Reich himself was regarded as a controversial figure and he fled Hitler's Germany to continue his work in America. But here too he came upon the same negative forces and his books were ordered to be burnt by a federal judge. Despite the scepticism of some regarding his findings, Russian scientists continued his research during the 1960's and in the 21st century there has been a resurgence of interest in his work.
The legacy of Wilhelm Reich endures and continues to influence popular culture, song-writers and film-makers alike as well as students of the science of orgonomy. His words stand as testament to a man who many regard as a fearless pioneer in the field of scientific research as well as a champion of freedom of speech. Copyright© 2010. All rights reserved

Riech the inventor: Seen here constructing his Cloud Buster', a weather control device that was designed to dissipate clouds.
Reich the humanitarian:
"Only the liberation of the natural capacity for love in human beings can master their sadistic destructiveness" Wilhelm Reich (c. 1930's)
Copyright© 2010. All rights reserved
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