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Orgone-energy and 'DOR'

In the 1940's, Dr. Wilhelm Reich posited that an unseen energy permeates our existence. Using a modified geiger counter, he set out to detect and measure the existence of this etheric energy (also known as the life energy, Prana, Chi etc.) which he called 'orgone'. Reich's pioneering research led him to conclude that all electrical appliances give off electromagnetic radiation which agitates and kills the life energy, producing instead what Reich referred to as 'DOR' (Deadly Orgone Radiation).

Reich concluded that 'DOR' is harmful to all forms of life and causes anger or irritability in some people while others tend to withdraw and become lethargic. Reich postulated that prolonged exposure to 'DOR' is likely to lie at the root of many degenerative diseases. Many health practitioners have, through their clinical experience, come to the realisation that too much exposure to the artificial energies produced by electrical appliances are harmful to human health in the long term. Furthermore, recent scientific studies have found that the electromagnetic radiation which is given off by mobile phones and mobile phone masks is particularly harmful to young children.

The top picture on the right is of the aura surrounding a Lifeforcegenerator™ 7 sided Power Pyramid. The cobalt blue is the colour of pure healthy life force energy (just as Wilhelm Reich suggested). The white is also a pure high frequency energy. The concentration of white energy is unique to the 7-sided geometric shape. All the pictures on this page were taken on a human aura camera. It is generally accepted that only biological life forms can trigger these devices, which suggests that 'Life Force Generators™' work at a subliminal, biological level, apparently 'breathing in' harmful DOR and 'breathing out' life-enhancing Chi .

Aura surrounding our
7-sided pyramid
Hugo's experience using one of our Lifeforce Generators™

The middle lower pictures are aura photographs taken at a Healing Fair in London, 2007. The first one shows and aura picture of Hugo taken when he had just arrived and was stressed out after a busy working week in the city. The lower picture was taken with Hugo holding a 7 sided Power Pyramid and after he had had a relaxing massage. Analysis of colours shown: in the first picture the red energy shows over-activity, life in the fast lane. Yellow energy is located within Hugo's head.

In the second picture of him with the 7 sided Power Pyramid it appears that this energy has been released into the aura, unblocking the flow of these energies. Yellow: represents creativity, the perfect functioning of the analytical mind, joy of life, sunny disposition and a strong personality. Green is at the centre representing: balance, stability, strength and communication. Blue: the mind can penetrate into higher dimensions of being; blue tells us about inner peace. It also represents trust and indicates an urge to help other people'. (T. Learmount Aug 2008)
         Hugo before:
         'Stressed out'
           Hugo after:
       'Creativity flows'
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