Lifeforce™ INFORMATION (3): What they are made of and what they are for
  1. ORGONE & LIFEFORCE™ PRODUCTS: What are they for?
Because they act as a focal point for the harnessing of positive energy and the repelling of negative forms of energy, our products have been found to be useful to anyone interested in alternative forms of attracting positivity into the body and the environment.

They are esoteric energetic devices which require no electricity nor maintenance and are used by professional healers, mediums, clairvoyants and other sensitives as well as by our other customers. Not only are our devices useful for channelling, crystal healing, clairvoyance, Feng Shui, focussing, calming and energising and other esoteric uses, they are invaluable for anyone who needs to bring more balanced etheric energy into their lives.

  1. Pendants
Lifeforce™ Love Pendants: These are designed to catalise one's spiritual evolution, by removing the discord engendered by living within a sea of artificial electrical frequency. Contained within the orgone matrix are ingredients associated with love and harmony, e.g. rose of attar. Each pendant comes with a specific symbol of love on its face and is designed to create harmony for the wearer and to put life force energy directly into one's energy field and body. The pendants are made to cause an increase in high level sychronistic meetings with kindred spirits and to make one more attractive and open toward others whilst protecting the user from negative energies.

Lifeforce™ Prosperity Pendants: Embedded within the orgone-enhancing matrix are small quantities of gold, herbs and precious oils which are included in order to attract riches to the pendant's owner. The symbol on the face of each pendant comprises a yantra (an energised symbol) which is also designed to attract prosperity to the wearer. The subtle vibrations of these ingredients are all associated with and attuned to the frequencies of wealth and prosperity.
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i. Lifeforce Generators™ are made by combining layers of organic and inorganic materials to produce the orgone-enhancing matrix. Embedded within this matrix is a combination of quartz crystals, metals (usually copper) and other semi-precious gemstones, usually amethyst, hematite, pyrite and garnet. Other ingredients are added according to the specific properties required, eg. gold is added to our Prosperity pendants, rose attar is added to our Love pendants. The alchemical sum of these is greater than the individual ingredients alone.
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Why do we need them?

The quality of the unseen energetic environment is very important to human health and well-being. Much modern stress is caused by over use of electricity and is termed electro-magnetic stress or e-smog. We cannot see e-smog but we feel it as anger, irritability, lethargy, dullness and feeling shut down.

Our Lifeforce Generators™ are designed to radiate healthy Prana into the environment and convert the harmful radiation emitted by electrical appliances into healing energy.

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