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    Why choose an 8-sided pyramid?

Our 8-sided pyramid is more
symmetrical than our 7-sided pyramid so, for some customers, it has an obvious appeal.

Also, In numerology the number eight is the number of 'new beginnings'. In the Chinese culture eight is an auspicious number and in the Hebrew culture the number eight alludes to a departure from the natural world into the supernatural world.

All the more reason to try out one of our 8-siders!
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All our Lifeforce™ products are individually hand-crafted in our workshop in Glastonbury, UK and we take the utmost care to finish each product to the high standard our customers expect of us. However,
because they are hand-made no two designs will be precisely the same and colours and designs may vary from those illustrated. Customers should also be aware that because of the nature of digital photographic reproduction the colours and designs reproducted on our website may not be an absolute representation of how the products look in real life. Please be aware also that as we do not carry a large stock it takes up to 14 working days to complete each order; Cloud Busters or other specially-commissioned products may take longer to produce.

IMPORTANT: Please read any directions carefully before use. In general terms, please remember
that each product requires time to dry out before despatch and should be opened carefully upon
receipt and put on a dry surface for a few days to fully harden off. Please note too that none of
our devices are shock-proof so should be handled with extreme care. Because of its highly-polished surface the device may easily slip out of your hand and if dropped onto a hard surface it may break. If the device becomes chipped, although this will have a minimal effect on its function, it might spoil its appearance. We supply instruction leaflets and after-care information with each product.

Returns or repairs: If your product arrives damaged, please return it with its original packaging
enclosed, at your own expense, and we will replace it free of charge. Returns because you have
changed your mind must be sent back in perfect condition at your own expense within 14 days
and we will refund your money less 30% and less the cost of the original postage. Although
we continue to trade under our old domain name:™ our new domain
name is:
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