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1. PENDANTS: These contain amethysts and garnets (both are quartz crystals); pyrite and hematite are also added to the basic matrix. We also add other metals, plant-based or mineral-based substances according to the specific properties required (e.g. gold is added to our Prosperity pendants).

2. CONES: The basic cone has at least one quartz crystal embedded in the basic matrix. Light box stands are extra.

3. PYRAMIDS: Our large 7-sided, 8-sided or Giza pyramids have at least three large quartz crystals embedded in the basic matrix. Small pyramids have at least one large quartz crystal. Anti-astral parasite pyramids also contain: garlic, wild garlic, sea salt, quartz, magnetite, pyrite, black tourmaline, obsidian & pentagram symbol on base.

4. HEALING CONES AND PYRAMIDS: Healing cones/pyramids contain crystals of amethyst and garnet, pyrite and hematite. Special healing cones/pyramids have greater quantities of amethysts, garnets, pyrite and hematite, as well as copper coils and rare earth magnets included in the matrix.

5. SPECIAL EDITION PRODUCTS: We also make larger products such as Cloud Busters to order. These contain larger quartz crystals and in greater quantities, according to their size as well as copper pipes and attachments. We also make to order more specialised healing-enhanced products which contain larger quantities of crystals or semi-precious gemstones, plant or mineral-based substances. A range of different shapes and designs are also available to order.

Approximate measurements: Large 7-siders: H 6.5" (16.5 cm); Base (diag) approx. 4.25" (10.5 cm) Weight 1.3 lbs (581g) Small 7-siders: H 4.5" (11.5cm); Base (diag) 3" (7.5 cm) Weight 8.9 oz (254g). Giza pyramids: H 5" (12.5 cm) Base 8" (diagonal) Weight 31.5 oz (900g) Cones: H 3.25" (8.26 cm) Diameter 3.5" (8.9cm) Weight 8 oz (227g)
PRODUCT INFORMATION: All our Life Force Generators™ are based on the ideas first put forward in the 1930s by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. The basic ‘orgone’ generating matrix is made by layering inorganic metal (e.g. gold, silver, copper, or aluminium) with layers of organic resin, and embedding an appropriate quantity of quartz crystals into the matrix. At least 7% - 10% of each product is composed of quartz crystals. Up to five crystals may be contained in our larger products. We then add other substances according to what the device is needed for. It is the subtle energetic vibrations on the ether produced by the combination of these organic and inorganic substances that lie at the heart of our products. Other semi-precious gemstones, copper coils, rare earth magnets, organic plant-based or mineral-based substances may be added to the basic matrix according to the specific properties associated with them, in such quantities as have found to be beneficial. Because we source our quartz crystals from all over the world, the batches we use come in different sizes. Small quartz crystals are used for our smaller products (such as Nrgizers/ pendants) while larger quartz crystals are used for our larger products (such as Power Pyramids/ Cloud Busters). We use clear, high quality resin for indoor use products, standard brown resin for outdoor products. We make six basic types of products as described below:
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LIFEFORCE GENERATOR™ AND ORGONE ENERGY PRODUCTS DISCOUNTS FOR RETAILERS: We offer a 15% discount when you order ten or more of our products, as well as a reduced cost for postage and packaging. For larger orders we also offer even larger discounts by arrangement. LFG Clear cones and LFG energiser pendants make good introductory products.

Please contact us by email to discuss arrangements for buying from us in bulk at trade discount prices.
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